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What Makes a Great Car Dealership?


Choosing a car dealership to work with on your next new or used vehicle purchase is a big deal. You want to know that the partner you choose is trustworthy, reliable, and is looking out for you every step of the way. While great products and a slick show room are nice to see, the real value of a good dealership lies in it’s principles, and how those play out in action.

Responsiveness - How responsive a dealership is, is a great barometer of how your overall experience is going to unfold. Things like promptly answering the phone, actively greeting you when you come in the door, and responding to your inquiries over the website are not just great customer service, they’re cornerstones of how a company does business. A good dealership will make sure not to keep you waiting, and will ensure you feel valued.

Convenience - Modern dealerships, like ours, offer conveniences like a drive-through service bay, and shuttle services to get you where you need to go after dropping off your car. We have that and more! You’ll be welcomed to a comfortable lounge area complete with television, wi-fi, coffee and cold drinks, and even a café if you’re feeling peckish. Our lounge also includes a dedicated kid’s area, so your little ones will be in heaven.

Display - A good dealership will also have a wide selection of vehicles for you to choose from, on display and easily accessible on our lot and in our showroom. Cleanliness is key, and we pride ourselves on the tidiness and appearance of our dealership, because we know you do, too.

Teamwork - Our dealership works as a team to make your experience as pleasant and satisfying as possible. A good team has confidence, and their activities have purpose. Everyone you meet at our dealership, in the process of looking at new vehicle, has this in mind and our end goal is to provide an amazing customer experience.

Dynamic – Dealerships that adopt new tools and systems have the upper hand in the competitive vehicle industry. We integrate cutting edge technology, and best practice systems at our dealership - and by re-inventing ourselves every day, you see the best customer service, experience better outcomes, and top-notch service and repair.

Reputation – In the car business, your reputation is your future. What others have to say is always on our mind, and now, more than ever, you have many online options to speak your mind. As a top rated dealership, we have a Google Rating of 4.3/5 with over 1,400 online reviews. We do our best with each individual customer because we value your patronage and know that our reputation is the most important tool we have.

Giving Back – We care about the community of Calgary as much as you do! As a proud member of your community, we support local charities and causes that are important and need our support. A good car dealership knows that there are thing’s more important than cars.

We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer! Come on down to CMP Auto at 1313 36 Street NE in Calgary, and see how we play out these values everyday, so that you can experience the most satisfying car buying experience in the city. Got a question? You can also give us a call at (403) 207-1000, and we’ll be happy to hear from you. See you soon!

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Road Trips Around Calgary


Everyone loves a good road trip, but do you know all the great sites Alberta has to offer besides Banff? Banff is unquestioningly beautiful, but there’s so much more within a few hours of the city that you just have to see. There are tons of beautiful towns, historic sites, and natural area’s that will make you gasp in awe or giggle with excitement, let’s explore a few together.

Waterton Lakes National Park

3 Hours From Calgary

Waterton is definitely a sight to behold, and is one of Alberta’s most picturesque National Parks. From Waterton, you can take in the Prairies and the Mountains at the same time, with amazing scenery everywhere you look. There’s tons to do in the Park, and you could spend days exploring every nook and cranny.

Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology

1.5 Hours From Calgary

The Royal Tyrell Museum is situated in Drumheller, and there’s no better place to explore epic beasts from the past. The building houses one of the worlds largest collections of dinosaur skeletons, as well as a variety of other long-ago creatures. The museum is seated in the heart of the Alberta badlands, where you can hunt for fossils, and explore this beautiful landscape. It will take you about three hours to explore the museum, and we guarantee you’ll love every minute!

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

1.75 Hours From Calgary

There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site less than two hours from Calgary – and it is called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. This means it’s among wonders of the world like the pyramids and Stonehenge. While a little less flashy, you can explore exhibits in a museum built right into the cliff to minimize disturbance to the site, and explore the features out side as well – walking on trails and taking in the beautiful scenery. You’ll want to pretend you an ancient hunter, we know we did.

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

2.25 Hours From Calgary

Back in 1903, the side literally fell off a mountain. That’s right, THE SIDE FELL OFF A MOUNTAIN. It buried an entire town and spread enormous boulders over the entire landscape for miles. Most of the town is still buried to this day, and the Frank Slide Interpretive Center will teach you all about this disaster, and what sealed the fate of this small mountain town. There are other attractions close by, such as Lundbreck Falls and an abandoned coal mine that offers tours.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

2.25 Hours From Calgary

Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Dinosaur Provincial Park is amazing, and offers a multitude of hiking trails and unique rock features only found in the park. You might even get luck and find a fossil while you enjoy a picnic in Alberta’s famous Badlands. If you’re heading to the Royal Tyrell Museum, you want to leave ample room to explore this amazing site as well, you won’t be disappointed.

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Electric Cars are Becoming More and More Popular – Here’s Why


Electric cars have been an increasing focus of many vehicle manufacturers for a while now, and there’s lots of reasons why. Electric vehicles have been the holy grail of environmentalists since the 70’s.

Environmental Sustainability

With widespread worries about climate change leading political discussion all over the world, electric vehicles may be the key to a sustainable future, and a clean environment for generations to come. Because electric vehicles produce no emissions, they are naturally much cleaner that conventional internal combustion engines. Getting off fossil fuels and switching to electric makes vehicles dependent on the electrical grid rather than the gasoline or diesel each vehicle carries. This paves the way for renewables such as solar and wind to power the bulk of electric vehicles in the future.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, electric vehicles also allow for considerable performance and range improvements. Originally, electric vehicles were slow, underpowered and didn’t have enough battery capacity for long distance travel. High price tags to go electric were also barriers to making the transition.

Performance and Range Improvements

Since electric first came onto the scene, huge strides have been made to address these challenges. Infrastructure such as charging stations have increased dramatically, and users can now travel long distances throughout most of North America, China and Europe.

Improvements in battery performance mean electrics can now travel hundreds of miles on a single charge, and conveniently located charging stations mean electric vehicles can now take you pretty much anywhere you’ll need to go.

Government Support

A few countries have shown interest in phasing out conventional fossil fuel vehicles. In Europe, the UK and France plan to have all electric vehicles on their roads by 2040, and in Asia, China has voiced a desire to follow suit. Some other Governments have even put quotas on electric vehicle manufacturing, pushing for a certain percentage of new cars made to be electric. In Canada, BC and Quebec currently offer incentives for going electric as well.

Lower Cost Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are getting cheaper every day. Not only are electric vehicles really cheap on a day-to-day basis, but the initial price tag to buy one is also dropping. In conjunction, recent years have seen a multitude of new electric vehicles come on the market from tons of manufacturers.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt is a great example of a cutting edge electric vehicle. The Bolt is the first affordable EV with a 383 km range. It is technologically advanced, and stands out in a crowd. The Bolt also requires less maintenance that conventional gas vehicles, doing away with oil changes and requiring only tire rotations, fluid top-ups, and air filter changes periodically.

The Bolt remains as advanced as conventional vehicle’s in terms of safety, including optional Forward Collision Alert, Front Pedestrian Braking, and Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking. These days, in an electric vehicle, you’ll find all the comforts you’re used to.

Go Electric at CMP Auto

With so many advantages over conventional gas vehicles, it’s no wonder electrics are picking up pace and grabbing market share quickly. Chevy’s Bolt EV is available at CMP Auto, 1313 - 36 Street NE. Come in and visit us, or give us a call at (403) 207-1000. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Six Great Off-Road Areas Around Alberta

Craving for some off-road fun? Have a look at our list of the best off-road trails around Alberta and choose the one you like the most.

Alberta is stunning, and enjoying its landscape from your off-road truck or SUV makes it even more appealing. If you are up for it, a bit of a road trip can deliver some of the best looking place on the planet. If you are around the Calgary area, you don’t even have to go far for an amazing off-roading adventure. 

Here are some great off-roading areas around Alberta you can explore. 

Lost Knife Trail 

Just a bit north form Waiparous Village you can find Lost Knife Trail, a beautiful and not very difficult excursion, covering about 20 km. Even though it is considered moderate in difficulty, both complete beginners and experienced drivers will find something of interest along this trail. 

Learn more about Lost Knife Trail

Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area 

About an hour Northwest of Calgary, Fallen Timber is a Provincial Recreation Area in Alberta. It has 179 km of beautifully developed trails and is a great area for snowmobiling in the winter. There are convenient campgrounds around here as well. The area offers trails for all skill levels during your off-road adventure. Fallen timber features large hills and forest cut lines that definitely keep things interesting. 

Learn more about Fallen Timber

Mclean Creek Provincial Recreation Area 

Mclean Creek is a staple of the Alberta off-road scene, and is probably the most popular off-road area in the Province. That being said, it deserves to be on this list just as much as the lesser known areas we highlight. Mclean Creek offers tons of diverse area to explore, and is open for off-road vehicles from May to the end of November. During the winter it’s a great snowmobiling spot as well! 

Learn more about Mclean Creek

Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area 

Prairie Creek is a proper challenge for the well versed and can be tackled by snowmobiles as well as off-roaders. Prairie Creek also offers campsites, so you can make the most of it and reserve a few days for this outstanding off-roading excursion. One day is certainly not enough. In this case, campsites are off limits for off-roading. 

Learn more about Prairie Creek 

Gosling Lake 

This is an easy road of just about 6.1 km. It is covered in dirt and suitable for beginners. The first 6 km are a relaxed dirt road and the last 100m require good ground clearance and 4x4 to tackle. Even if your off-roader doesn’t cut it, you can skip the last 100m and enjoy a nice walk. 

Learn more about Gosling Lake 

Ruby Falls 

There are several trails at Ruby Falls; some of them are definitely not intended to be tackled in stock vehicles. There are about 20 river crossings, several mud pits, some relaxing meadows and long, rocky sections. Some parts by the falls may require winching, although these sections can be avoided. 

Learn more about Ruby Falls

These are six amazing off-road areas around Alberta that are definitely worth to explore. 

If you get all worked up with the mere hint of these off road adventures, but you lack the vehicle, stop by CMP Auto at 1313 – 36 Street N.E. in Calgary, or give us a call at (403) 207-1000 and get the best deals on new or used vehicles. Need to upgrade or customize your vehicle? We have a great selection of aftermarket auto parts, lift kits and accessories; as well as a state-of-the-art vehicle service center to get the job done right.

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Top Reasons to Get Your Oil Changed at CMP Auto


At CMP Auto, we have a huge selection of new Chevrolet vehicles to browse through, but we are also proud to be your one-stop location for all automotive needs. When you want to be sure that your vehicle is cared for properly, we feature a beautiful Chevrolet service center in Calgary, AB to take care of your regular vehicle maintenance and repairs. Call our GM dealership in Calgary today or stop by to set up a time to have your oil changed.

Changing Your Oil

You can think of the oil in your vehicle to be similar to the way that your body requires blood to function. The oil going through your engine keeps all of the parts properly lubricated to prevent friction. The fact that the engine needs a consistent flow of oil means that you need to have regular oil changes to eliminate the chance of dissipation and the potential for the buildup of debris. Whenever you fail to get your oil changed, it can turn gummy and cause your engine to become overworked and overheated. In the worst-case scenario, the engine could seize up and fail.

Our State-of-the-Art Service Center

At CMP Auto, we employ skilled technicians to take on any of the scheduled maintenance required for your Chevrolet Equinox or Chevrolet Tahoe. We can get you in to have your oil changed, perform a multi-point inspection, and take care of any repairs that you require. You also have the ability to take advantage of some of our regular service specials to save you money!

Visit us today at our GM dealership in Calgary, conveniently located at 1313 – 36th St. N.E. For a service appointment to have your oil changed, give CMP Auto a call at (403) 207-1020 and we will be happy to take care of all of your automotive needs in our state-of-the-art service center.

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Lease Your New Chevrolet Vehicle at CMP Auto

Whether you are looking for a new vehicle for your daily commute or you are looking for more passenger space for your growing family, you can count on our selection at CMP Auto. As your local Calgary Chevrolet dealer, we want to make sure that you have an excellent experience when shopping for a new car, truck or SUV. If you are interested in leasing but you are not sure how it works, our staff will be happy to go over all of the details with you to help you find the right option for your budget and needs.

Why Lease?

Leasing is a nice choice for someone that likes to have a newer vehicle every few years. Once your lease agreement is up, you have the freedom of walking away or picking out another vehicle to lease. You never have to worry about selling your vehicle or trying to get a good price on a trade in.

Our Chevrolet Inventory and Lease Specials

Have you been wanting to test drive a new Chevrolet Silverado to see if this tough truck is just right for your hauling or work needs? We also have a variety of cars to choose from like the Chevrolet Cruze or the beautiful Chevrolet Camaro, all of which come at already low prices. If you are able to come in and talk with us about our regular lease specials, we may have the ability to save you even more money!

When you are ready to see if leasing a new Chevrolet vehicle is right for you, CMP Auto is located at 1313 – 36th Street N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB. If you have any questions regarding our current inventory, lease deals or taking a test drive, please call our friendly sales team at (403) 207-1000.

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Is it Time to Trade In Your Current Vehicle at CMP Auto?


There is nothing better than being able to save money on a new Chevrolet car, which is why you may want to think about trading in your current vehicle at CMP Auto. We are your local Calgary Chevrolet dealer and we look forward to making a wonderful deal with you so that you can drive away happy in your choice of a new vehicle. All you have to do is stop by to talk with our professional team and we can go over all of the details with you.

Why Trade In?

When you have a vehicle that still has a good amount of life in it, you can think about trading it in at CMP Auto. This will allow you to get a fair value price for your vehicle so that you can use the money for the down payment on your new Chevrolet Cruze or Chevrolet Colorado. Trading in is a nice way to avoid the hassle of trying to sell your vehicle on your own so that you have the ability to streamline the buying or leasing process on your new ride.

Helpful Tips

While you work with our staff at your local Calgary Chevrolet dealer, we will do whatever we can to make the trade in process memorable for you. All you have to do is bring all of the important paperwork with you, including your vehicle’s title, your financial statements, and the owner’s manual if you still have it. You also should look through your vehicle to remove any personal belongings prior to trading it in.

Stop by to see us today at CMP Auto located at 1313 – 36th St. N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB. If you have any questions in regards to pricing, current inventory or how the trade in process works, feel free to contact our sales team at (403) 207-1000.

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Spring Cleaning Should Include Your Vehicle Too!

There are many times when you may feel like doing a bit of cleaning, but Spring is a great time where you can enjoy out with the old and in with the new. For your vehicle, spring cleaning is important to take away all of the dirt and grime from the winter roads. CMP Auto wants you to know that you can bring your vehicle in for service or repairs after the long winter to help you keep your GMC vehicle in great working condition.

Clean Your Vehicle Inside And Out

A good cleaning both inside and outside your vehicle helps to get rid of built up dirt and grime from the roads and winter weather. Tackle any tough stains on your carpeting or upholstery and pay special attention to your paint job by making sure your vehicle has a good waxing.

Checking Your Tires

Inclement weather means iffy road conditions that can wreak havoc on your tires. Having your tires checked in our state-of-the-art service center will ensure your GMC Sierra always gives you the tire confidence you need on the roads. We can set you up with new tires should yours need replacing.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Never worry about poor vision on the roads by making sure that you have fresh wiper blades on your vehicle. Our technicians will check the rubber on your current blades and set you up with replacements so that you can always have a clear line of sight while driving.

Whether you are driving a new GMC vehicle or an older model, it is always important to take care of spring maintenance. Bring your vehicle to us at CMP Auto at 1313 – 36th Street N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB for your service or repair needs. Call (403) 207-1020 to set up a convenient appointment time.

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Spring Already? Prepare Your Vehicle at Our Service Center


Whether you are driving a new Chevrolet car or truck or you have an older model, you always need to think about proper maintenance. CMP Auto features a state-of-the-art service center and trained technicians to address all of your automotive needs. When the change of seasons comes about, you need to be sure that your vehicle is ready for all of your warm weather adventures.


Not only should you have the tire pressure checked on your Chevrolet Equinox, but it is also a good idea to have the tread checked and your tires rotated. If you need new tires, we can get you the replacements you need and have them mounted and balanced for you.

Fluids And Oil

If the last oil change you had was before winter, spring is the perfect time to have your oil changed and all of your fluids checked and topped off. We can also be sure that your wiper fluid is full and we will look at your cooling and brake system fluids

Suspension And Alignment

Dealing with potholes in winter can cause damage to your suspension and alignment. You can trust in our trained technicians to look at your Chevrolet Silverado to make sure that everything is in great condition and we will perform repairs accordingly.

No matter what you may need done in terms of automotive work, we are available for all of your maintenance and repairs. Our highly-trained mechanics will treat you and your vehicle with respect and make sure that everything is running as it should be for spring driving. Call us today in the Chevrolet service center at CMP Auto at (403) 207-1020 or stop by to see us at the dealership. You will find us conveniently located at 1313 – 36th St. N.E. in Calgary, AB. We look forward to serving you soon!

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Tire Education: When is it Time to Rotate or Replace?

There are some people that may wait until their next regular service or repair appointment to see about getting their tires rotated. But, you should know that the tires on your Chevrolet vehicle need to get some regular attention and you may not want to wait too long to get them rotated. The staff at CMP Auto wants to give you some information that you can keep in mind when it comes to rotating or replacing your tires.

Tire Rotation

A good guideline to keep is having your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Because of this timeframe, many vehicle owners have their tires rotated with every other oil change as a good reference point. Your service technician will be able to inspect the tires on your Chevrolet Cruzeor Chevrolet Silverado to check for wear and rotate accordingly. A regular rotation will generally help your tires to last longer while also improving upon maneuverability of your vehicle.

Tire Replacement

When it comes to tire replacement, you need to have a professional take a look at the tread depth. If it appears as though your tire tread is getting to be 4/32 of an inch, you have to think about replacing them sooner than later. Our Chevrolet service center in Calgary will make sure your tires are replaced on time and you will have ample grip on the roads for a smooth ride and safety.

If it is time for maintenance, please call us today in the service center at (403) 207-1020 to set up a time to have your tires rotated or replaced. You will find CMP Auto conveniently located at 1313 – 36th St. N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB where we will take care of all of your automotive needs.

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Check Out The Latest Chevrolet Technology


Whether you are interested in a Chevrolet Equinox or you are looking to buy or lease a Chevrolet Silverado, you have the ability to drive in comfort and confidence with the latest technology. As your local Calgary, AB Chevrolet dealership, CMP Auto works hard to bring you the best in terms of both selection and customer service. We invite you to stop by today to take a few options out for a test drive.  

 Stabilitrak® Electronic Stability Control System 

 Smart drivers everywhere know that in order to be as safe as possible on the roads, having a great collision avoidance system is key. With the Stabilitrak® Electronic Stability Control System, you have a boost in both driver confidence and safety by assisting with vehicle control during low-traction road conditions. This is technology that comes standard on all of the new Chevrolet vehicles today.  

 Chevrolet MyLink 

 Connectivity is a breeze when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle that includes Chevrolet MyLink. This technology works to organize all of your technology and integrates it into your ride. You have the ability to get all of your messages, calls, and alerts while making sure that your device is stored away and that concentration on the road is never interrupted. Talk with us about pairing your devices using Apple CarPlay or AndroidAuto.  

 When you are ready to submerse yourself in amazing Chevrolet car technology, visit our team at CMP Auto to take a test drive at 1313 36th St. N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB. If you have any questions when it comes to our new Chevrolet cars or if you want to set up a time to come in to talk about buying or leasing, please give our sales team a call at (403) 207-1000 and we will be happy to help.  

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Get Out To Enjoy Fun Winter Activities In Calgary, AB

Even if you are not usually someone who likes to get out to enjoy the splendor of winter due to the cold and snowy weather, there are many activities around the Calgary area that are sure to change your mind. When you get behind the wheel of your new Buick, there is nothing that can hold you back from taking in the fresh air and spending time with other like-minded people in the area. Whether you are thinking of buying a new Buick Enclave or a Buick Encore, our staff at CMP Auto can help.

Visit The Local Parks

Something magical happens around Calgary when the winter season is in full swing. You and your friends or family can make your way to Bowness Park or Prince’s Island Park to experience unforgettable outdoor skating amidst the crisp, fresh

Enjoy Snow Tubing And More

There are countless areas that you can visit to scoot down a hill in a snow tube or to strap on your skis to experience cross country trails or downhill thrills. Bring out your inner child when you toboggan with friends or even try on a pair of snow shoes for a once in a lifetime hiking experience.

The bottom line is that if you are not getting out to see what Calgary has to offer simply because it is winter, you are missing out on some incredible experiences to make memories that last a lifetime. To talk with us at CMP Auto about your new Buick buying or leasing options for winter adventures and beyond, please give our sales team a call at (403) 207-1000 or visit us at our beautiful dealership located at 1313 –36th Street N.E. in Calgary, AB.

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Protect Your Car Battery During the Calgary Winter


Whether you use your vehicle for daily driving needs or you take it out on weekend adventures, you need to be sure that the winter months do not take their toll on your car’s battery. Bringing your Buick Encore into your local Calgary, AB dealership for service will help you to have the battery check you need as well as any maintenance that your vehicle requires to function properly.

At CMP Auto, we feature trained technicians guaranteed to give you the professional service that you deserve. All you have to do is make a convenient appointment time with our service department.

Winter Weather and Your Car Battery

Once the temperatures dive down during the winter months, it can really wreak havoc on the battery in your vehicle. The last thing you want to do is run the risk of your battery discharging and causing issues when you are out and about in the cold weather. At your Buick service center, you will have the ability to get your connections checked to ensure that they are free of corrosion or debris and that you have ample charge for any driving needs. We are also available to address any of the automotive questions or concerns that you may have.

Our Buick Service Center

Whether you need Buick service to check your car battery or you need our Buick parts center to help you get a new battery to replace your old one, we can be there to help. CMP Auto features a state of the art service center and we only employ qualified technicians guaranteed to give you the results that you require. For your convenience, our service center is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

We invite you to stop by CMP Auto located at 1313 – 36th St. N.E. in Calgary, AB, to talk with our service team in person. If you would like to set up an appointment time, please call the service department at (403) 207-1020 and we can get your car in for proper battery maintenance as soon as possible.

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Do You Know The Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

Your local Calgary, AB dealer has all of the new GMC models that you need whether you want to have a dependable daily driver or if you are setting your sights on weekend adventures. If you are looking at your options in either all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, our staff at CMP Auto will be happy to talk with you about the differences with each option. When you make your way to our full-service GMC dealership, our sales team will go over your buying options and set you up to take a few models out for a test drive.
All-Wheel Drive
If you are interested in an all-wheel drive vehicle, you will have the experience of the power being distributed to whatever wheels need it most. AWD is an excellent option for any driver that has to think about adverse weather like wintry or slick conditions to give plenty of control and handling on the roadways. At CMP Auto, you will find several AWD vehicles to choose from such as the 2018 GMC Terrain as well as the 2018 GMC Acadia. 
Four-Wheel Drive
For four-wheel drive, all of the power is distributed to all four of the wheels simultaneously. What this does is offer strong performance and handling even in tough weather conditions. The difference between the two is that a 4WD system will also bring you the convenience of taking on various terrain like dirt and gravel. If you are looking into a 4WD vehicle as an investment, you can visit us at your local GMC dealer in Calgary to check out the 2018 GMC Sierra, the 2018 GMC Yukon, and the 2018 GMC Canyon. 
Make your way to see us at CMP Auto located at 131 – 36th Street N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB and we will be happy to set you up to take a test drive of the AWD or 4WD vehicles of your choosing. Should you have any questions when it comes to our current inventory, pricing, and your options in either leasing or buying, please give our professional sales team a call at (403) 207-1000 and we will gladly assist. 
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CMP Automotive Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC Donates Truck load to Calgary Food Bank

CMP Automotive Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC teamed up with Sobey’s, and the Calgary Food Bank early in December to hold the 9th annual Grocery Dash. Twelve lucky CMP customers were chosen to participate on December 18, each having 60 seconds to dash through the aisles of the Forest Lawn Sobeys in Calgary grabbing as much free food as possible. The lucky participants were able to load up on a heap-load of stuff!

Stuart Perry of CMP automotive took a moment to thank his customers, and everyone involved: “This event is all about helping the city of Calgary, with the Calgary Food Bank… We’d like to thank all of our customers for coming down. We have been doing this for nine years, three years at Sobey’s, so we’re grateful for the Forest Lawn Sobey’s team. We selected 12 customers to have a 60 second run, as well we have all the media outlets running for the food bank.”

Sponsors from Postmedia participated, as well as representatives from General Motors, the Calgary Food Bank, and members of CMP Automotives staff. Everything they were able to grab was donated to the Calgary Food Bank. These dashing do-gooders were able to collect over $5 thousand for the Food Bank, which experiences higher than normal demand over the holiday season. A yule-tide loot ripe with baby diapers, formula and dairy will certainly help families in need, according to Shawna Ogsten of the Calgary Food Bank:

“It’s so important that our hampers meet the Canada Food Guide, so to have things like milk, yogurt and cheese gives us the protein that we need in those family’s hampers… We’ve got to make sure we get things like 2% milk, and 3% milk for families with kids.”

If you’re thinking of buying a new or used car, truck, or SUV, come on down to CMP Automotive, and maybe you’ll end up dashing down the aisles in next year’s Grocery Dash. CMP Automotive is the #1 GM dealer in Western Canada, with over 1000 new and used vehicles in inventory and certified service, parts and body shop department.

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Tire Service Options at CMP Auto

Having tires with proper tread and inflation is extremely important. This is especially true during the winter time, as ice and snow can cause road conditions to rapidly deteriorate. If you haven’t had your tires inspected recently, now is the time to do so. From tire rotations to tire replacements, the experts at our Calgary car dealership are ready to assist you in any way that we can. We want to make tire maintenance as fast and simple as possible.

Take a quick look at some of the ways we can help you keep your tires in the best condition year-round.

Tire Finder

If you already know that you need to replace one or more tires or wheels, finding the right size and brand can be confusing. The Tire Finder tool on our website can help you effortlessly locate the tires, wheels, or packages you need. When you use this tool, you can always feel confident that you are making the correct selection.

Service Department

When it’s time to service your tires, place your trust in our service professionals. Our team of experts complete each service in a timely manner, while ensuring the highest level of quality. You can book your appointment online, or you can contact our car service center in Calgary by phone. Also be sure to ask about our current service specials and coupons!

If you have questions about your tires, get in touch with our specialists! Make plans to visit our auto dealers in Calgary, or contact us by phone at 403-207-1002. Whether you need to make an appointment with our service department, or you just have a quick tire related question, we’re here to provide the help you need.

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Essential Winter Driving Tips For Navigating Roads Safely

Navigating icy roads in winter requires preparation and skill. This article provides essential winter driving tips that ensure your safety and your vehicle’s readiness for the coldest season. From maintaining your car to handling slippery conditions, learn how to face winter roads with confidence.

Key Notes For Those Who Are Short Of Time

  • Perform a winter vehicle checkup—inspect brakes, tires, and battery. Install winter wipers and stock up on antifreeze, de-icer, and washer fluid.
  • Select winter tires—studded for ice, non-studded for snow. Keep tire pressure correct and fuel tank at least half full to avoid freezing.
  • Learn winter driving techniques—steer into skids and carry emergency gear like traction aids, tow ropes, and jumper cables.
  • Respect and keep distance from snow plows and other vehicles in general. Yield to emergency vehicles and stay weather-aware.
  • Stay informed on weather updates and road conditions to adjust your driving accordingly.

winter driving tips

Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

Securing your vehicle against winter’s chill goes beyond the basic checkup. So, it's useful to discuss the specifics of winter vehicle preparation, which spans from monitoring tire pressure to maintaining windshield visibility and ensuring fuel system readiness.

Checking and Maintaining Tire Pressure

Maintaining the correct tire pressure is very important for winter driving safety. Here are some important things to remember:

  • Tire pressure can drop by approximately 1-2 PSI for every 10 degrees Celsius decrease in temperature.
  • Regular checks during winter are paramount.
  • Maintaining proper tire inflation is crucial for ensuring better traction, handling, and fuel efficiency, especially in cold weather conditions.

To measure tire pressure accurately, use a reliable tire gauge when tires are cold. This prevents inaccuracies caused by temporary increases in pressure due to heat from driving. It’s also recommended to perform monthly tire pressure checks. This helps identify slow leaks and prevent potential flat tires as part of routine tire maintenance.

Ensuring Windshield Visibility

When it comes to winter driving safety, visibility is everything. A clear view of the road can be the difference between a safe journey and a potentially dangerous situation. For this reason, using winter-formulated windshield washer fluid, which can endure temperatures as low as -30 to -40 degrees Celsius, is necessary to prevent freezing.

Filling the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a fluid formulated for low temperatures can prevent it from freezing and avoid potential damage. De-icing windshield washer fluids contain antifreeze to melt snow and ice on the windshield, aiding visibility during winter driving conditions.

Don’t forget to keep additional windshield washer fluid in the vehicle, as usage can increase quite a bit in winter. Make sure it’s also part of your emergency kit for regular top-ups.

Fuel System Readiness

Just as it’s crucial to maintain tire pressure and windshield visibility, it’s equally important to keep your vehicle’s fuel system winter-ready. One of the key tips here is to keep the fuel tank at least half full. This helps in preventing condensation, reducing moisture and the likelihood of fuel line freeze-up during winter.

To avoid fuel line freeze-up in colder months, you can take the following steps:

  • Avoid ethanol-blended fuels
  • Use fuel line antifreeze products or additives
  • Use de-icers
  • Keep gas-line antifreeze in your vehicle’s emergency kit

These measures can help lower the probability of moisture problems and reduce the chances of fuel line freeze-up.

winter driving tips

Selecting and Caring for Winter Tires

Winter tires are not just a car accessory but a lifeline when you’re navigating icy roads. We’ll discuss in detail how to choose and care for winter tires, comprehend their benefits, and make informed decisions between studded and non-studded options.

The Importance of Snow Tires

Winter tires are indispensable for safety and traction on icy roads. While all-season tires can manage mild winter conditions, they compromise on maximum performance capabilities in summer and winter extremes. Winter tires, on the other hand, are engineered to remain flexible in extreme cold, providing better traction than all-season tires, which stiffen and lose grip.

Winter tires are designed to enhance safety while navigating the icy roads of winter. Their unique features include deeper tread depths that provide a better grip on snow, distinct tread patterns specifically engineered to channel away slush and snow, and a high density of biting edges and sipes. These thousands of tiny slits in the tread are what give winter tires their ability to cling to ice, offering drivers a more secure and controlled driving experience during the colder months.

Studs or No Studs?

When it comes to winter tires, there’s the eternal debate – studs or no studs? Both studded and non-studded winter tires have their own advantages for driving in severe snow conditions. Studded tires use metal studs that can dig into the ice, providing superior grip in icy conditions.

Non-studded winter tires, on the other hand, offer improved traction on ice without the use of metal studs. They use special compounds like a multi-cell compound to remove water on ice, similar to the Bridgestone Blizzak. While studded tires are advantageous on clear ice, non-studded tires can provide sufficient traction and are less damaging to road surfaces, making them a suitable option for a variety of severe snow conditions. Before you decide whether or not studded tires are for you, check if they are legal to use in your province or territory.

winter driving tips

Mastering the Art of Winter Driving

Mastering the art of winter driving doesn’t happen overnight, but understanding the techniques can make a significant difference.

Steering Through Slippery Situations

Steering through slippery situations is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of winter driving. The key is to maintain traction and control by practicing gentle acceleration and deceleration and avoiding rapid movements, especially when making turns. It’s crucial to remember that even winter tires can slide on ice. When experiencing a skid, it’s important to avoid downshifting and release the brakes. Instead, focus on steering in the direction you want to go.

To recover from a slide, follow these steps:

  1. Focus your eyes on the direction you want the car to travel. It aids in steering during a skid.
  2. Turning the steering wheel in the direction of the skid can correct a rear-wheel skid.
  3. Be prepared to make additional steering adjustments as the vehicle may oscillate in the opposite direction after correcting a slide.
  4. Remember, steer smoothly and avoid panic movements to prevent overcorrection of a slide, which can lead to an unrecoverable spin.

Cruise Control Considerations

Cruise control is a popular feature for long drives, but it requires careful consideration during winter. It should be avoided on wet, icy, or slippery roads to maintain direct control of the vehicle. Driving near overpasses or in shaded areas where ice may be present requires avoiding cruise control due to rapidly changing road conditions.

Unintended acceleration during wheel spin on slippery surfaces caused by cruise control can lead to the loss of control of the vehicle. Thankfully, electronic stability control systems in modern vehicles will disengage cruise control automatically in the event of wheel slip or if the vehicle begins to spin. So, while cruise control can be helpful, it’s crucial to understand its limitations in winter conditions.

winter driving tips

Building the Ultimate Car Emergency Kit

Having a car emergency kit is not just a precaution, it’s a necessity for winter driving. It can make a significant difference in an unexpected situation.

We’ll discuss the essential items for your car emergency kit, including a first aid kit.

Must-Have Items for Your Kit

A well-prepared car emergency kit can be a lifesaver during winter driving, especially in more remote locations. You should consider including the following items:

  • Traction assistance items such as sand, salt, or non-clumping cat litter for generating traction
  • A tow rope for potential vehicle rescues
  • Jumper cables or a booster for a dead battery
  • A fire extinguisher for safety
  • Visible warning light or road flares for signaling
  • Extra fuses for electrical system contingencies
  • Wool or other warm blankets, in case you get stuck for a longer period

In addition to these, don’t forget to pack hand and foot warmers, bottled water, and energy-boosting non-perishable food items like granola bars. These personal safety and comfort items can make a significant difference during a roadside emergency in winter. With a well-prepared emergency kit, you are ready to tackle any unexpected situations that winter driving might throw your way.

winter driving tips

Safe Maneuvering Around Snow Plows and Emergency Vehicles

Navigating around snow plows and emergency vehicles in snowy and icy conditions is something every winter driver should master.

We’ll detail the strategies for safely navigating around snow plows and yielding to emergency responders.

Respect the Plow

Snow plows play a crucial role in ensuring our roads are safe for driving during winter. However, driving near them can significantly reduce visibility due to blowing snow. It’s important to wait for snow plows to finish their job before attempting to pass since roads are plowed in sections and the roadway ahead may be unsafe.

Remember, when driving in snowy conditions, it’s important to:

  • Not pass snow plows in formation, as it is illegal and can result in receive a $324 fine and 3 demerits in Alberta.
  • Maintain a safe distance behind snow plows due to potential poor visibility and the heavy equipment they carry.
  • Be aware that snow plows may extend a wing up to 3 meters to clear multiple lanes, increasing risks for nearby vehicles.

In short, respect the plow for a safe winter driving experience.

winter driving tips

Yielding to Emergency Responders

Emergency responders are vital for maintaining safety on the roads, particularly during the harsh winter months in Alberta. Adhering to the Alberta Traffic Safety Act is essential when yielding to these vehicles. When you hear a siren or see lights flashing from an emergency vehicle, such as an ambulance, fire truck, or police car, you are required to:

  • Immediately clear any intersection
  • If on a road with one or two lanes, move your vehicle to the right side of the road
  • On roads with three or more lanes, take your vehicle to the nearest side of the road. If you're in the center lane, ensure you move to the right side
  • Stop your vehicle until the emergency vehicle has passed, always checking for any additional emergency vehicles that may be approaching

It is also critical to note that following within 150 meters of any emergency vehicle that has its siren or lights operating is prohibited.

Adapting to Changing Winter Weather Conditions

The unpredictability of winter weather can exacerbate driving challenges, especially during bad weather conditions. However, with a strategic approach, you can adapt to fluctuating winter weather conditions. It starts with staying updated with the weather forecast. This can provide essential information on the weather conditions to be encountered, which aids in proper dressing for the cold.

Staying informed with ongoing emergency weather updates and road closure information through channels like local weather services or 511 Alberta can inform travelers about current conditions and assist in making safe travel decisions. Moreover, before embarking on a journey, checking updated road alerts and advisories for the planned route is essential to prepare for any disruptions or hazardous driving conditions.

winter driving tips

To Conclude

Through this extensive guide, we hope that the information provided will help you navigate the icy roads safely. Safe travels!

Why You Can Trust Our Opinion

At CMP Auto, safe winter driving is more than just advice – it’s our expertise. As a leading GMC, Chevy, and Buick dealership in Calgary, we’ve experienced the winter conditions firsthand. Trust us to guide you through safe winter driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve my driving in snow?

To improve your driving in snow, drive slowly, leave plenty of distance between vehicles, and consider getting winter tires for better traction on wet, slushy, or icy surfaces. Remember to check your tires and tire pressure regularly, especially in colder weather.

How should you drive safely when it is snowing?

To drive safely when it's snowing, remember to drive slowly, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and consider getting winter tires for better traction on icy roads. Stay safe on the road!

How important is tire pressure while driving in winter?

Proper tire pressure is crucial for safe winter driving, as it ensures better traction, handling, and fuel efficiency.

What should I include in my car emergency kit for winter?

Make sure to include traction assistance items, vehicle maintenance items, and personal safety items in your car emergency kit for winter. This will help you stay prepared for any unexpected situations on the road.


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What’s the Difference Between Used and Certified Pre-owned?

When looking to save money on the purchase of a new-to-you vehicle, there are multiple options from which you can choose. As you browse vehicles (either in person or online), you have likely seen the terms “used” and “certified pre-owned.” While it seems as if these terms could be synonymous, there are key differences that are important to be aware of.
Here at CMP Auto, we want to empower you with the knowledge you need to make the best possible buying decision. Whether you are looking to buy a Chevrolet Equinox or a GMC truck, it is essential to have an understanding of your options. Take a look at the differences between used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles.
All used cars, trucks, and SUVs have had at least one previous owner. Of the vehicles that have had previous owners, used vehicles are often the least expensive option, making them a wonderful choice for those looking for the most affordable option available. This is because used vehicles have not gone through the rigorous testing and inspection that certified pre-owned vehicles endure. Although used vehicles are assessed for possible issues, the condition of used vehicles can vary significantly. This option is not usually accompanied with any kind of warranty or guarantee.
Certified Pre-owned
Vehicles that are listed as certified pre-owned have also had at least one owner, but adhere to a much more strict criteria than used vehicles. Certified pre-owned vehicles are usually under seven years old, and have less than 80,000 miles. They are also inspected for any issues, and have all damage repaired prior to the sale of the vehicle. Dealers often add warranties and other benefits to the purchase of a certified pre-owned vehicle.
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