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Road Trips Around Calgary


Everyone loves a good road trip, but do you know all the great sites Alberta has to offer besides Banff? Banff is unquestioningly beautiful, but there’s so much more within a few hours of the city that you just have to see. There are tons of beautiful towns, historic sites, and natural area’s that will make you gasp in awe or giggle with excitement, let’s explore a few together.

Waterton Lakes National Park

3 Hours From Calgary

Waterton is definitely a sight to behold, and is one of Alberta’s most picturesque National Parks. From Waterton, you can take in the Prairies and the Mountains at the same time, with amazing scenery everywhere you look. There’s tons to do in the Park, and you could spend days exploring every nook and cranny.

Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology

1.5 Hours From Calgary

The Royal Tyrell Museum is situated in Drumheller, and there’s no better place to explore epic beasts from the past. The building houses one of the worlds largest collections of dinosaur skeletons, as well as a variety of other long-ago creatures. The museum is seated in the heart of the Alberta badlands, where you can hunt for fossils, and explore this beautiful landscape. It will take you about three hours to explore the museum, and we guarantee you’ll love every minute!

Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump

1.75 Hours From Calgary

There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site less than two hours from Calgary – and it is called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. This means it’s among wonders of the world like the pyramids and Stonehenge. While a little less flashy, you can explore exhibits in a museum built right into the cliff to minimize disturbance to the site, and explore the features out side as well – walking on trails and taking in the beautiful scenery. You’ll want to pretend you an ancient hunter, we know we did.

Frank Slide Interpretive Centre

2.25 Hours From Calgary

Back in 1903, the side literally fell off a mountain. That’s right, THE SIDE FELL OFF A MOUNTAIN. It buried an entire town and spread enormous boulders over the entire landscape for miles. Most of the town is still buried to this day, and the Frank Slide Interpretive Center will teach you all about this disaster, and what sealed the fate of this small mountain town. There are other attractions close by, such as Lundbreck Falls and an abandoned coal mine that offers tours.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

2.25 Hours From Calgary

Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Dinosaur Provincial Park is amazing, and offers a multitude of hiking trails and unique rock features only found in the park. You might even get luck and find a fossil while you enjoy a picnic in Alberta’s famous Badlands. If you’re heading to the Royal Tyrell Museum, you want to leave ample room to explore this amazing site as well, you won’t be disappointed.


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