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Electric Cars are Becoming More and More Popular – Here’s Why


Electric cars have been an increasing focus of many vehicle manufacturers for a while now, and there’s lots of reasons why. Electric vehicles have been the holy grail of environmentalists since the 70’s.

Environmental Sustainability

With widespread worries about climate change leading political discussion all over the world, electric vehicles may be the key to a sustainable future, and a clean environment for generations to come. Because electric vehicles produce no emissions, they are naturally much cleaner that conventional internal combustion engines. Getting off fossil fuels and switching to electric makes vehicles dependent on the electrical grid rather than the gasoline or diesel each vehicle carries. This paves the way for renewables such as solar and wind to power the bulk of electric vehicles in the future.

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, electric vehicles also allow for considerable performance and range improvements. Originally, electric vehicles were slow, underpowered and didn’t have enough battery capacity for long distance travel. High price tags to go electric were also barriers to making the transition.

Performance and Range Improvements

Since electric first came onto the scene, huge strides have been made to address these challenges. Infrastructure such as charging stations have increased dramatically, and users can now travel long distances throughout most of North America, China and Europe.

Improvements in battery performance mean electrics can now travel hundreds of miles on a single charge, and conveniently located charging stations mean electric vehicles can now take you pretty much anywhere you’ll need to go.

Government Support

A few countries have shown interest in phasing out conventional fossil fuel vehicles. In Europe, the UK and France plan to have all electric vehicles on their roads by 2040, and in Asia, China has voiced a desire to follow suit. Some other Governments have even put quotas on electric vehicle manufacturing, pushing for a certain percentage of new cars made to be electric. In Canada, BC and Quebec currently offer incentives for going electric as well.

Lower Cost Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are getting cheaper every day. Not only are electric vehicles really cheap on a day-to-day basis, but the initial price tag to buy one is also dropping. In conjunction, recent years have seen a multitude of new electric vehicles come on the market from tons of manufacturers.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt is a great example of a cutting edge electric vehicle. The Bolt is the first affordable EV with a 383 km range. It is technologically advanced, and stands out in a crowd. The Bolt also requires less maintenance that conventional gas vehicles, doing away with oil changes and requiring only tire rotations, fluid top-ups, and air filter changes periodically.

The Bolt remains as advanced as conventional vehicle’s in terms of safety, including optional Forward Collision Alert, Front Pedestrian Braking, and Low Speed Forward Automatic Braking. These days, in an electric vehicle, you’ll find all the comforts you’re used to.

Go Electric at CMP Auto

With so many advantages over conventional gas vehicles, it’s no wonder electrics are picking up pace and grabbing market share quickly. Chevy’s Bolt EV is available at CMP Auto, 1313 - 36 Street NE. Come in and visit us, or give us a call at (403) 207-1000. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Electric Cars are Becoming More and More Popular - Here’s Why

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