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Six Great Off-Road Areas Around Alberta

Craving for some off-road fun? Have a look at our list of the best off-road trails around Alberta and choose the one you like the most.

Alberta is stunning, and enjoying its landscape from your off-road truck or SUV makes it even more appealing. If you are up for it, a bit of a road trip can deliver some of the best looking place on the planet. If you are around the Calgary area, you don’t even have to go far for an amazing off-roading adventure. 

Here are some great off-roading areas around Alberta you can explore. 

Lost Knife Trail 

Just a bit north form Waiparous Village you can find Lost Knife Trail, a beautiful and not very difficult excursion, covering about 20 km. Even though it is considered moderate in difficulty, both complete beginners and experienced drivers will find something of interest along this trail. 

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Fallen Timber Provincial Recreation Area 

About an hour Northwest of Calgary, Fallen Timber is a Provincial Recreation Area in Alberta. It has 179 km of beautifully developed trails and is a great area for snowmobiling in the winter. There are convenient campgrounds around here as well. The area offers trails for all skill levels during your off-road adventure. Fallen timber features large hills and forest cut lines that definitely keep things interesting. 

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Mclean Creek Provincial Recreation Area 

Mclean Creek is a staple of the Alberta off-road scene, and is probably the most popular off-road area in the Province. That being said, it deserves to be on this list just as much as the lesser known areas we highlight. Mclean Creek offers tons of diverse area to explore, and is open for off-road vehicles from May to the end of November. During the winter it’s a great snowmobiling spot as well! 

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Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area 

Prairie Creek is a proper challenge for the well versed and can be tackled by snowmobiles as well as off-roaders. Prairie Creek also offers campsites, so you can make the most of it and reserve a few days for this outstanding off-roading excursion. One day is certainly not enough. In this case, campsites are off limits for off-roading. 

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Gosling Lake 

This is an easy road of just about 6.1 km. It is covered in dirt and suitable for beginners. The first 6 km are a relaxed dirt road and the last 100m require good ground clearance and 4x4 to tackle. Even if your off-roader doesn’t cut it, you can skip the last 100m and enjoy a nice walk. 

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Ruby Falls 

There are several trails at Ruby Falls; some of them are definitely not intended to be tackled in stock vehicles. There are about 20 river crossings, several mud pits, some relaxing meadows and long, rocky sections. Some parts by the falls may require winching, although these sections can be avoided. 

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Six Great Off-Road Areas Around Alberta - CMP Auto

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