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Tire Education: When is it Time to Rotate or Replace?

There are some people that may wait until their next regular service or repair appointment to see about getting their tires rotated. But, you should know that the tires on your Chevrolet vehicle need to get some regular attention and you may not want to wait too long to get them rotated. The staff at CMP Auto wants to give you some information that you can keep in mind when it comes to rotating or replacing your tires.

Tire Rotation

A good guideline to keep is having your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Because of this timeframe, many vehicle owners have their tires rotated with every other oil change as a good reference point. Your service technician will be able to inspect the tires on your Chevrolet Cruzeor Chevrolet Silverado to check for wear and rotate accordingly. A regular rotation will generally help your tires to last longer while also improving upon maneuverability of your vehicle.

Tire Replacement

When it comes to tire replacement, you need to have a professional take a look at the tread depth. If it appears as though your tire tread is getting to be 4/32 of an inch, you have to think about replacing them sooner than later. Our Chevrolet service center in Calgary will make sure your tires are replaced on time and you will have ample grip on the roads for a smooth ride and safety.

If it is time for maintenance, please call us today in the service center at (403) 207-1020 to set up a time to have your tires rotated or replaced. You will find CMP Auto conveniently located at 1313 – 36th St. N.E. in beautiful Calgary, AB where we will take care of all of your automotive needs.


Tire Education: When is it Time to Rotate or Replace? - CMP Auto

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