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Winter Sports and Activities near Calgary, AB


Is it your New Year’s Resolution to be more active? Maybe your resolution was to explore more of what Calgary and the surrounding area has to offer? Now that the holidays are over it’s an ideal time to schedule a day or weekend trip with friends and family to take advantage of our region’s resources. There are dozens of great things to do around here during the winter season, and thanks to versatile vehicles available at CMP Auto like the 2017 GMC Terrain, it’s easy to drive to any of them even in snowy conditions.

The most obvious winter sports are skiing and snowboarding, and in fact there are people who make the trip out to WinSport in Calgary just to take advantage of these things. The facility is open until 9:00 p.m. on weeknights and 5:00 p.m. on weekdays and holidays, and they offer private lessons and plenty of courses of varying difficulty.

There also are plenty of great winter hikes available to the people of this great province, and just a short 45-minute drive in your 2017 GMC Canyon can take you to Heart Creek Trail, which offers a reasonably easy winter hike around a lovely creek.

For kids that love to sled, Calgary offers some ideal spots, including the hills at St. Andrews Park near the University of Calgary, which offer 500-foot rides. There’s also Confederation Park and Nose Hill Park, the latter of which is well suited for younger children.

Yes, it’s cold outside, but the frigid air shouldn’t been seen as something to keep Canadians from making the most of the winter season. Instead, hop into your slick all-wheel drive GMC SUVs and get out to enjoy the best activities the season has to offer!


Winter Sports and Activities near Calgary, AB - CMP Auto

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