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2017 GMC Acadia Among Top SUVs for Pets


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, nearly half of all pet owners view their animals as part of their family, something that shouldn’t come as too big a surprise for anyone who ever has owned a beloved family pet. People love their animals, and here at CMP Auto we love people’s animals, too, which is why we want to keep them as comfortable and safe in our new and used GMC models as we possibly can.
In fact, GMC vehicles show up on quite a few lists of “Friendliest Vehicles for Pets,” with the 2017 GMC Acadia being the one model that shows up on the largest number of them. Considering its size, safety features, and pet-friendly accessories, we can understand why it would mean so much for Airdrie, AB customers to make the most of them when their animals are involved.
“We know that nearly 40 percent of utility buyers are using their vehicles to transport their pets on a weekly basis, and we think that the vehicles in the GMC portfolio offer the tools that our customers need to safely travel with their four-legged friends,” said Hugh Milne, one-time GMC Marketing Manager
Specifically, the GMC Acadia offers a power liftgate, a seating system that slides and folds to create a maximum amount of space in what amounts to a cavernous storage area, bench seating in the second row for easy storage of crates, and of course a number of fantastic safety features that keep these animals almost as safe as human beings in seatbelts should an accident occur.
If you’re interested in test-driving the new GMC Acadia, feel free to bring your pet with you to see how they like it. Hopefully, they’ll be just as in love with the SUV as you are!

2017 GMC Acadia Among Top SUVs for Pets - CMP Auto

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