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Top Dining Options in Calgary, AB

One of the biggest benefits of living in our area is that Calgary GMC drivers can just hop into their automobiles and drive to one of the many excellent restaurants located nearby, ranging from inexpensive and delightfully greasy to fancy and decadent. Frankly, we are truly blessed to find ourselves situated among so many great places to eat, but for folks new to the area or even long-time residents looking to try something new, here are a few of our favorite restaurants in Calgary, AB:
River Café – One of the classier joints in the area, the River Café offers meals with several courses, including all sorts of opulent choices ranging from duck to lamb. It’s a great spot for an anniversary or even a date night.
Charcut Roast House – Also among the best fine dining establishments in the area, the Charcut Roast House serves up some of the tastiest steaks in Alberta, and the classy ambiance and world-class chefs make it a place worth visiting.
Gaga Pizza – Of course, not everybody wants to eat at upper-crust places every night, so sometimes a little thin crust is just what the doctor ordered. The ingredients at Gaga Pizza are fresh, the atmosphere is casual, and the staff is undeniably friendly, which is what makes this place one of Calgary’s finest.
There are plenty of other outstanding places to eat in the area, but these three are a good start. Pile your family, friends, or date into your slick new Buick SUV and show them the best of what the area has to offer from a culinary standpoint. This truly is a great place to live for those that love to eat well!

Top Dining Options in Calgary, AB - CMP Auto

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