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CMP Auto Summer Car Care Tips

For the most part, responsible Calgary Cadillac owners are going to follow the maintenance schedules in their automotive handbooks to make sure their vehicles run smoothly, but something about the heat of the summer (especially following the brutal cold of the winter) wreaks havoc on certain parts in your car, truck, or SUV. Knowing this, we recommend allowing CMP Auto service technicians to take a look at your vehicle this summer to determine whether any parts unexpectedly require replacement.
Here’s a look at the most commonly replaced parts in the summertime:
Windshield Wipers – Remember back in January how frustrated you were when ice gunked up your windshield wipers, rendering them essentially unusable? Well, the bad news is that the damage that ice did doesn’t just go away once warm weather rolls in. The good news is that they’re pretty affordable to replace, and we are happy to do that for you the next time you’re in.
Hoses and Belts – The brutality of summer heat can be bad for the hoses and belts that keep everything connected in your vehicle. A crack or split in any of them could shut you down completely, and since summer means long road trips, that could be especially bad in an unfamiliar stretch of highway.
Batteries – Heat is not great for batteries, and since so many people only change theirs once they go to start their car and it won’t turn over, we do see a lot of battery-related issues from June through August. If you haven’t changed out your battery in a while, this summer might be the time to do it!
GM dealers in Calgary only want the best for Calgary, AB customers and their vehicles, and taking care of these parts could go a long way toward making sure they stay in great shape!

CMP Auto Summer Car Care Tips - CMP Auto

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