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Antifreeze and Power Steering Fluids

Coolant flush
A coolant solution circulates through your engine to keep it cool. Over time it gets contaminated with residue and rust from your engine and needs to be flushed out and replaced.
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Power steering fluid flush
Over time, power steering components wear out and contaminate the power steering fluid. Power steering fluid will allow you to turn corners with ease.
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The coolant you will find in your GM Vehicle is called Dexcool and, similar to other auto fluids, it requires regular maintenance. Coolant in your vehicle serves many purposes. It plays a critical role in keeping your engine cool during the summer, helps keep your radiator from freezing over during winter and also heats the cabin of your vehicle.

Overtime, if your coolant is not maintained, it can clog subsystems in your cooling system. Flushing your cooling system can keep buildup at bay and keep your coolant flowing freely. If your coolant is not frequently maintained, it can result in unnecessary car repairs such as your vehicle overheating or engine damage.

If your Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac vehicle needs a fluid flush, use our online form in order to schedule an appointment. Once we learn about your car's needs, we will be able to give you a cost estimate and expected time that we will be finished. Check out our other available services besides purchasing and mounting tires.